My proof of God

Do you believe in God? Have you asked Him to reveal himself to you? You know, sometimes I have doubts. But my doubts usually are in my discernment of His will. I’ve had the awesome opportunity of allowing God to show me Himself. I have proof….not physical, scientific, but experiential proof. I used to feel obligated to read the bible, go to church, tithe ten percent….because I felt I had to do all these things to be in good standing. But literally that was before I had an intimate relationship with God. You see, I didn’t understand what being in relationship with Christ meant. The passage from Matthew 11:25-30 which states that Christ is the way to God seemed so foreign to me. I mean can’t I just say a “Help me God” prayer and He hear it without “accepting an invitation to know Christ”?

The religious words floating around in modern Christianity is “Ask Christ into your heart?” But what does that really mean? Over 3 years ago, those words were nothing but a bunch of gibberish spoken by people who just wanted my servitude and money. But I finally get it now….you can’t discern or follow God without asking Christ to come and enter in to your motivations for life.

In my opinion, faith isn’t a matter of do I believe there is a God? No, it’s a matter of do I risk following and being obedient to a God? And what does that look like today? Whose 10 steps or keys do I follow? Where do I get those guidelines to obey? I believe Christ will reveal what is needed on a individual basis. But I have to first understand and get to know Christ’s character and motivations for life and how I fit into it all. The best place to learn about Christ and his character is by reading his back story, life story, and to come story in the Bible.

In my journey so far with Christ, I’m finding that if there is a choice to be made…..the right one is usually the one I’m most uncomfortable with. The one that is impossible for me to achieve on my own. God wants me to be dependent on Christ. Anyway, where’s the excitement in following something that comes natural? I would instinctively take the lead each time. It’s like dancing…Christ is in the lead, and if I knew the next move in the dance, I’d automatically want to take the lead. I get it! I get it!

But then I question why would Christ say……”Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest”-Matthew 11:28 (NASB). That verse appears to contradicts my theory of doing things outside my comfort zone. Then it made sense, if I knew by discernment (Biblical verification) that I was getting out of my comfort zone with assurance that Christ has my back, then I don’t need to worry about taking a step out on faith. It’s assurance, dependence, and freedom…..the freedom to not have to stack my pile of rocks perfectly. I’m a clutz anyway. I can feel free to collect my rocks in unchartered territory, feeling confident even if I don’t have the architectural plans for stacking them. Christ will keep them together or make the adjustments where needed. He will even allow my pile of rocks to fall occassionally. Actually, I feel like I’ve been in the pick up fallen rocks stage for a while now. But I know in time He will help me get a firm foundation laid, at least on the bottom level.

Well this is my first entry on this blog and I’m sure I have totally confused you with my jumbled thoughts, but there is a point somewhere in all this. And here it is….Let’s just not have assurance in saying we believe in God….let’s pursue and declare a thirst for following God. Isn’t that why we were created for relationship? Not to be His puppets but to interact and ponder with Him and explore!

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