About Me

What is Gentled by the Word? It follows the devotional journey between the author and the Holy Bible. It is meant to inspire and encourage others to seek a personal relationship with Christ.

Where does Gentled By the Word get its origin? God through His Word tamed a frightened, wild and reactive spirited girl just like a horse trainer gentled a horse.

Who is the author? Emily Hester, she is a wife, mother, freelance writer, artist, and daydreamer. She is a seeker of God’s guidance in the stewardship of her home, community, personal relationships, and global responsibilities.

When did her journaling start? She started keeping a devotional journal in 2007, but she didn’t start blogging until 2009. She has shared sporadically on this site, but plans to share more, God willing.

Want to learn more about her spiritual journey? Start here.

I’m a devourer of the book of Proverbs, and this website is the product of that feasting. I hope you laugh, relate, and ponder along with me as I share my relationship with the One who made me. Thank you for joining me in this journey!

Emily Hester

Here is a little more about her other creative ventures:

In 2012, on her website Temporarily Green, she blogged her ups and downs of implementing green living in her home for three months. Later the blog evolved into another website Be Magnolia Green. She continued to share her adventures implementing greener alternatives in her home. Later it branched out from just blogging to starting a cartoon strip, making handmade soaps, and thrifting treasures for resale. She has since moved on from Be Magnolia Green adventures. But she still shares Be Magnolia Green content as a category on her current venture, a three sister collaborative website grannysfrontporch.com.